Experts/Scholars: Are there noted individuals whose names just keep popping up in your best resources? Who are they and why should people researching this topic refer to them?

You may search Pipl to discover more about the names you discover. Google Scholar may help you discover more scholarly works by individual experts.

You may discover these names because they are the authors of many of your documents. They may be cited heavily in your work.

Blogs: You may also discover experts who are frequent bloggers in their fields. Who is talking about your issue with intelligence? Are there well-established blogs that offer reliable voices behind an issue or question? (For instance, a soldier's blog might give in-the-field perspective relating to the war in Iraq.) Try a few Blog Search tools. You may use a search tool like Twellow to identify experts who use Twitter. You may also consider using Mashpedia to locate bloggers and tweeters and to help you discover established hashtags (#) to search.